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Health care assistance workers (such as medical assistants, home fitness aides and orderlies) have a divorce rate of %, while those those work in food make. Jobs in construction might not strike you as ones that point to marital trouble, but rolling machine setters, operators, and tenders have a percent divorce. The career website, Zippia, recently analyzed data from the U.S. Census, determining that first line enlisted military supervisors had the highest rate of. The Professions with the Highest Divorce Rates · Military Personnel · Healthcare Workers · Bartenders and Service Industry Workers. With long work hours that include weekends, athletes and coaches might not be there for their families as often as they should be. The divorce rate for this.

The 10 occupations with the highest divorce rates: 1. Gaming managers: percent. 2. Bartenders: percent. 3. Flight attendants: percent. 4. Gaming. 10 jobs with the highest divorce rates · 1. Dancer/Choreographer. Believe it or not, dancers and dance choreographers are the professionals most at risk for. I think SOF was as high as 80% at some point. So, if you are curious to know about the different professions that can lead married couples to decide divorcing each other, here are the top most professions. Dancers, choreographers, entertainers and other artists have some of the highest divorce rates, partly because their art must be given high priority for them to. Topping the charts for the profession with the highest divorce rate at % are gaming managers, who are hired by casinos and companies operating game rooms to. According to the data, military jobs have some of the highest rates of divorce, taking up three of the top spots on the list, including the first which went to. Top five male professions with high divorce rates. #castlerockmediation #divorce #divorcemediation. paulamyerswaterman. 66 ; #top5 five professions.

Highest Divorce Rate by Profession: Understanding the Underlying Factors ; Irregular and Unpredictable Hours · Bartenders (% Divorce Rate): ; High-Stress and. Physical Therapists: With a divorce rate of about %, the rewarding nature of the work and regular working hours could be factors in marital stability. A military job held the top position on this list. First-line enlisted military supervisors were found to have the highest divorce rate of any occupation. While the overall divorce rate hovers around the 50% mark, dissolution of marriage for people in these occupations falls into the % range. By contrast, the. The career website, Zippia, recently analyzed data from the U.S. Census, determining that first line enlisted military supervisors had the highest rate of. Casino gaming managers, bartenders and flight attendants – the top three · Gaming services workers - % divorce rate · Rolling machine setters, operators. The 15 Occupations With The Highest Divorce Rate Jobs that come with the lowest divorce rates include engineers and law enforcement officers. Of course, the. Dancers and Choreographers – Divorce Rate of 43% This is a very competitive job and although a high degree of cooperation and teamwork is needed, so too are. Dancers and choreographers: Dancers and choreographers have the highest divorce rate of any other occupation, and we guess we're not that surprised. With tight.

Those machinists type jobs should be similar work schedule but they have 2x divorce rate of the actuaries, engineers. I think the STEMy jobs. What Occupations Have the Highest Divorce Rates? · Gaming managers: percent · Bartenders: percent · Flight attendants: percent · Medical scientists. *bonus: Law enforcement and police divorce rate is , while the rate for corrections workers is For instance, the groups with the most prolific. When it comes to linking certain careers to higher divorce rates, the study suggests that military careers often are at the top of the list. It indicates that.

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