Highest Paying Jobs With Criminal Justice Degree

What other professions could I look at with a criminal justice degree? Are there any others here who have faced similar experiences and have any. 20 master's of criminal justice jobs to consider · 1. Law enforcement officer · 2. Private investigator · 3. Victim advocate · 4. Intelligence analyst · 5. Deputy. Ranking the Top 10 Highest Paying Criminal Justice Careers · 1. Lawyers · 2. Private Investigators and Detectives · 3. Police Officers · 4. Federal Marshals · 5. FBI Agent – FBI agents are some of the highest-paying criminal justice careers with an average salary of $93, Forensic Psychologist – Forensic. 10 Best Paying Jobs in Criminal Justice Best Jobs · 1. Judge · 2. Lawyer · 3. FBI Agent · 4. Financial Examiner · 5. Criminologist · 6. Forensic Accountant.

10 Highest Paying Jobs for Criminal Justice Grads · 1. Detective/Private Investigator · 2. Security Manager · 3. Police Officer · 4. Fire Investigator · 5. Fish and. Highest Paying Criminal Justice Careers · Detectives · Police Supervisors · FBI Agents · Private Investigator · Criminal Defense Attorney · Judge · Forensic Accountant. High-paying criminal justice jobs include Judge and Hearing Officers, Attorneys, FBI Specialist, FBI Agent, Criminologist, Financial Examiner, Intelligence. Correctional Officer. A popular entry-level career choice for criminal justice majors interested in policework, correctional officers enforce the regulations of. What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Bachelors Criminal Justice Jobs in Georgia ; Criminal Justice Administrator, $94,, $7, ; Criminal Justice Lawyer, $92, Lawyers are the prime example of criminal justice careers with a high salary. They span all levels of the justice system, from the smallest of small claims. You can work at the courts, district attorneys office, public defenders office. There are a ton of office work/administration jobs in those. What jobs can you do with a criminal justice degree? Those studying criminal justice are often interested in making a difference in their communities by. ATF, FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, and Secret Service Officers; Border Patrol; Probation and Correctional Officers ; Blood Splatter Analyst; Crime Scene Investigator; U.S. In the criminal justice field, many psychologists work as forensic psychologists. In this role, they help law enforcement officials and the court system. The field of criminal justice is incredibly broad, which means the number of opportunities that are out there, at both bachelor's degree and master's degree.

Common criminal justice careers and their salaries ; First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives, $, ; Correctional Officers and Jailers, $53, 15 Best-Paying Criminal Justice Jobs · 1. Judges and Hearing Officers · 2. Lawyers · 3. FBI Agent · 4. Detectives and Criminal Investigators · 5. Criminal Justice Jobs: 11 Careers You Can Pursue With a Criminal Justice Degree · Related Articles · Forensic Psychologist · Paralegal · Intelligence Analyst · Youth. What Jobs Can You Get With a Criminal Justice Degree? · Bounty Hunter · Conservation Officer · Corrections Officer · Crime Lab Analyst · Crime Scene Investigator. Correctional officers and jailers aren't typically listed among the highest paying criminal justice jobs, but the potential is there to earn a generous salary. The pay range of a criminologist tends to be in line with sociologists in general. The high paying jobs with criminal degree background top out at about $70, 21 Common Criminal Justice Careers · U.S. Marshal — · FBI Agent — $67, · CIA Agent — $87, · Private Detective — $57, · Corporate Investigator — $66, 5. Criminologist. $92, Another top-paying profession in the criminology field is criminologist. They can make much more than their average salary of $92, What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Criminal Justice Degree Jobs in the U.S. ; Criminal Justice Lawyer, $,, $10, ; Criminal Justice Administrator.

List of Jobs for Law Enforcement · 1. Security Manager · 2. Forensic Accountant · 3. Police Officers · 4. Police Sergeant · 5. ATF Special Agents · 6. Forensic. What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Criminal Justice Degree Jobs in New York City ; Adjunct Criminal Justice Instructor, $85,, $7,, $1,, $ ; Criminal. Highest Paying Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors · 1. Detectives/Criminal Investigator. Detectives have a choice whether to work for government or a local law. Lawyers have one of the most lucrative salaries in the criminal justice field. They can work anywhere, from small courts to multi-district litigation. Some of. Top criminal justice certificate jobs · 1. Court clerk. National average salary: $42, per year Primary duties: A court clerk is responsible for administrative.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the annual salary of forensic science technicians at $55,, though the average salary is higher in states with.

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